The Official Slow Pitch Softball Glossary of Terms, Slangs and Definitions

With the help of the Southern California Slow Pitch Softball Community, we were able to gather over 85 terms, slangs and definitions that is widely used in slow pitch softball. We understand there might be some words or sayings that we may have missed, if you have some to share, feel free to leave a comment with your contribution to the growing list.

2 and a Q= When you get to bar b que early cause you went 0-2
Backside– hitting opposite field
Bad wheel-Guy who is hurt.
Base knock – base hit
Bottom top-Last man in the order followed by the top of the order
Box-Pitching area
Buzzin the tower-going middle to send a message without hitting the guy
Bye You!-Hitting a seed by anyone of the infielders
Caca– aka punch and judy, Texas leaguer, weak hit-usually opposite field
Cadillac – jog the bases cuz you hit a seed and don’t have to worry bout ball coming back in
Can of corn-Easy fly ball.
Chop– Guy who can’t caca to third!
Cookie, meatball-perfect pitch to hit
Dinosaur/Vet/Veteran/OG/Old School – an old guy playing softball
Dirty-going caca with precision
don’t cheat– response to fielder that starts one way on the pitch and you hit it by him the other way..
Double dip-Beat undefeated team twice in championship
Duckfart-Guy who takes a full swing and barely hits it over the short stop’s head.
Dumbage-someone who wears Eyeblack at night time
Easy-Calm down, relax
eeeewwwwwppppp-when a power hitter/ batter swings with a dirty ass bat (shaved or juiced) and pops up to the infield hahaha.
FISH – Alcohol
Fly by-Hitting middle
Get off me-When a batted ball hits you
Glass bat – when a bat sounds ridiculous..and you’ll know when lol
Glass Factory-Having a bag full of shaved bats
Glass Shards – What gets in the catchers and umpires eyes when the bat is “hot”
Goes Everywhere-can hit to all fields
Gotta be – When batter has no remaining foul balls
Gus/Guy/Fruit: Who knows I still am trying to figure it out.
Hans solo – solo homerun
Happy hour-pitchers serving it up
Hat – Anybody who throws up from drinking too much at a tourney..
Hit and sit= Where you hit a home run and don’t have to run the bases.
Hit me up-call me later for game time
Hit the weight room – warning track power
Hook-Left hand hitter
Hoover-Guy who sucks.
Hose/Cannon– outfielder with a strong arm
I’m almost there– Player says he’s on his way to the game, but hasn’t left his house.
In the hole-the guy after the guy on deck
Jackass-a guy who seems to come to fight not play ball
Judy-An intentional soft half swing hit over the 2nd baseman
Lat-Lat-Lat: 3 singles in a row..
Lazer-hard hit line drive
Masher-good hitter
measure shot – when its close to going out but doesn’t
Middle’s open-When someone on the other team appears to intentionally hit it at the pitcher
Nice route or GPS – an outfielder who ran in multiple directions then drops the fly ball
Noodle arm-outfielder with a weak arm no power in his throw.
O fir saturday – when you haven’t got a hit
Oppo-Opposite side
pencil pusher – guy who isn’t good enough to play so he keeps the book.
pick me up – try to jump on a team
poop soup – when you have the runs in the middle of a game.. lol
pop tart – lazy fly ball
put a glove on that foot – shot of the foot
Safety goggles-What the catcher should wear when gillyshaw is at bat so they dont get glass in their eyes…..hahaha
Seed/p-rod/lazer-hard hit line drive
Shoe shine’em-When u piss middle at the pitchers
Siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiick – is used almost all the time and any where.You can basically say it on anything that gets your approval. Something that is “cool”
Slap N’ Run-Slap the ball to third and try to beat it out..
Snapped-An outfielder catching a routine fly ball then whipping the glove around
SNIPER-When a base runner falls down just because his legs gave out like he got shot by a sniper
Spin a Cap: Buzz Middle (pitcher)
Spin or turn a wheel-Hit through the order
Spin the clown– hitting at the pitcher
Stock – stock bat
stoopid – great play or player
Stupid glove – needs no explanation
stupid/tonto bat – bat with crazy pop
Swing your Purse = really not hitting the ball hard
Thanks bat – little dude hits a 350 ft bomb
That was a creature-Long Homerun
Thickies– When there is more cushion for the pushin’
Twist it – turn a double play
What a dick-Someone who strikes out swinging or looking
Wheels-Fast guy.
Who brought him? – When someone makes an out, error, this is directed at the player who brought the guy to play
Ya ya – homerun
Yard-the field itself, or hitting one out of the park


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  1. Thats a great list…

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