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Why in the world would you do that?

Did you know that we offer a pretty sweet Team Buy-in Package for only $1700? Yeah its pretty cool because you get 12 Elite Roller Player Bags, 12 Elite “custom” MA-5000 pants, 12 Elite “Custom Sublimated” (your own logo with name and numbers) Dry Fit and 12 highly acclaimed Elite Turfs.

Other companies sell something similar to our package, but theirs cost $400 more!!!! Now why in the world would you do that? We all know that team finances can be a challenge. So make sure you go with us when you’re shopping for a team package.

Seriously, that’s $400 you’re saving! $400 can buy you 400 double cheese burgers at Burgher King, that’s over 100 Grande Frappucinos at Starbucks! Did I mention that $400 is like a car-payment? Oh and $400 can be used for your next tournament entry fee. So don’t be a donkey, do the smart thing and save money, go with Elite.